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"Every once in a while you meet people that exemplify all that is possible in a highly skilled, awake, caring and learned professional. The folks at Points of Health are those people and those of us with the fortune to seek their assistance are significantly rewarded."-RR


"I came to see Johanna based on very high recommendations. At this point I was desperate to try something completely different from traditional western medicine which was unable to provide any long term relief for my chronic fibromyalgia and all other problems which came with it I had pains all over my body to the point that I was just surviving the year by getting a steroid injection from one acutely inflamed joint to another.

I was taking so many ibuprofens that I literally ruined my stomach and was on treatment for it. My blood pressure was creeping up together with cholesterol, so I got very nervous about my cardiac status, too. When I first came to Points of Health I was also battling asthma which I never had in my life. Clearly my immune system was so out of whack together with my bad digestion and feeling of hopelessness. Overall, I was a real mess and at that time I was taking 6 different medications and barely making it thru a day.

Today, I’m so happy and very proud to announce that I am feeling 100% better in my body and mind. The amazing acupuncture treatment by Johanna's amazing experience, kind and soothing demeanor and her guidance in overall wellbeing and health are responsible for where I am today in my health. Johanna also helped me in revision of my diet (BONUS: I lost some weight) I feel that I am at the peak of my health, I'm not any longer on any of my prescribed medications (we added just 2 supplements).

My own doctors couldn’t believe my progress and they are so happy to see me pain, asthma and stomach problems free. My new blood work showed that my liver function was back to normal, my blood pressure is currently 106/67, and cholesterol is slowly going down, too. Please all of you who need help in any way (body or mind) and are hesitant to give it a try to acupuncture (due to fear of needles or any other hesitations) please make that leap of faith and just try it, because this might be the best decision and investment you are going to make in your life.

Thank you Johanna and Points of Health for giving me my life back." -Adriana

Infertility, Abdominal Pain

"I had a bad case of tinnitus related to pregnancy. It was a horrible ringing in my ear that did not give relief for over 24 hours. I had Johanna treat it and while the needles were in me I felt the ringing go away. After my session it slowly came back. Johanna suggested we attack it full force so I went the next day for another session. Again once the needles were in me the ringing stopped again, but this time didn't return. It was truly amazing that my sessions worked and I 100% attribute it to the treatment. Tinnitus during pregnancy is hard to get rid of and often lasts until delivery, so I was beyond relieved that it went away." -JP

"The proof is in the results. I came to see Stacy for acupuncture after experiencing years of infertility. I was 44 years old, had tried multiple rounds of IVF and was experiencing pain from a history of fibroids. After one year of regular acupuncture and a vitamin and herbal program for both my husband and myself, I am almost pain free. I am now 45 years old and my husband and I are expecting a baby boy in 18 weeks!" -BC

"I highly recommend working with Stacy for reproductive health. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring and a great listener. I am now 3 months pregnant and the improvements I have seen in my overall health are truly remarkable. Stacy's acupuncture sessions and natural supplement suggestions were everything I needed to get me on the right track. -JE

"I am so grateful that I found Johanna while I was undergoing a very challenging IVF process. She has such a positive feminine presence in the consultation room, and I just soak that up with my acupuncture sessions. I feel very strongly that all the nourishment I received from her helped to make my IVF successful, where prior efforts had failed. The work she does is profound on a deep level. Our son is now 14 months old and we can't thank her enough for the role she played in helping him get here! -AH

"After trying to conceive naturally for over a year and then enduring another year and a half of seven failed IUI's and one failed IVF, I finally turned to acupuncture only a few weeks before undergoing a second IVF cycle. I had heard of many women struggling with infertility who became pregnant after going to acupuncture but I never really put much merit on it but at that point I felt I had nothing to lose. Then when I met Johanna I immediately knew I was onto something. Not only did it help me learn to relax again but it gave me some control back and a sense of doing something about my issue that didn't revolve around blood tests and hormone shots. Her calming nature, wisdom, and technique did the trick! Our second IVF worked and now we are expecting a little boy in a few months!" -WK

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Allergies, Ulcerative Colitis

"After a car accident I was suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome, low back pain, neck pain and headaches. I tried acupuncture as a total skeptic (and with a healthy fear of needles!) but I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything.  After one visit with Erik my back was so greatly improved that I could bend and sit again! After a few more I began to see dramatic improvements in my other symptoms. Seeing Erik was the turning point in my recovery that enabled the physical therapy and chiropractic care I was receiving to finally start helping. He has played an absolutely essential role in my recovery and his dedication and skill are astounding. He is one of those few health care professionals that you know sincerely cares about you and your health and is willing to go to great lengths to help you. I've been so impressed by Erik that I have referred my husband, father, mother and mother-in-law to see him for various ailments ranging from allergies to ulcerative colitis. They have also been tremendously impressed with the results and with Erik's manner as well. My whole family adores him!"- DS

Chronic Low Back Pain

"Erik helped my chronic low back pain more than the chiropractor, physical therapist, and spine specialist all put together. Erik is an expert at diagnosing your problem and achieving relief, not to mention a really nice guy. My next step is to visit him for nutritional guidance and detox to complete my wellness program." -SR

Chronic Knee Pain, Stress

"I was recommended to try acupuncture at Points of Health for chronic knee pain due to an old knee injury.  Not only did my knee heal completely, but my general well being increased tremendously.  I was going through a lot of changes in my life and my stress level was higher than usual, to the point where I felt very lost.

"I had always heard from friends and acquaintances how much acupuncture had helped with injuries and general health. I went to Johanna for a knee injury and a general check up. The entire experience was soothing, relaxing and also very informative. I left feeling much better and have continued to feel better ever since. I am excited to have discovered acupuncture and to have such a wonderful person and place to have it don. I highly recommend Johanna at Points of Health!" -KP

"With Erik's calming and friendly approach I was able to get back on track, strengthen my immune system, get good calm nights of sleep and stop worrying about the little things in life. Erik is a great listener and extremely knowledgeable about the body. I recommend Points Of Health to anyone looking to increase their quality of life on both small and large scales."-LH

Post Surgical Pain and Complications

"I sought out Chinese medical care after going through two major surgeries that saved my life. My surgeries were a success, but I faced limitations in my healing with western medical care alone. My experience at Point of Health has been profound. Erik Smith’s insight and skill at supporting my body have given me a renewed sense of self and well being." -JB


"I wanted to send you a picture of our beautiful daughter. She's amazing and we are so happy. Thank you so much for all of your help. I truly believe the acupuncture was the key element in getting labor going. I have recommended you to several friends of mine. Thank you again for everything." -NP

"I can't thank you enough for all that you did for me, Johanna. You played an integral part in bringing this baby into the world. I will never forget all that you did." -EO

Shoulder Pain, Digestion, Facial Rejuvenation

"She has completely eliminated my shoulder pain and my digestion is continuing to improve. Now, I am about to start a Facial Rejuvenation Program. I wholeheartedly recommend Stacy." -DC


"I recently had an outbreak of shingles and was told by a friend that acupuncture and herbs might help. I have no doubt that the care I received at Points of Health speeded my recovery and was instrumental in being pain and scar free after the illness " -JS

Stress, Depression, Drug Addiction

"When I came to Points of Health I was struggling with stress, depression and drug addiction. Erik was the perfect healthcare partner in helping me to identify my goals and work to achieve them. I found the conversations we had before each acupuncture session to be most rewarding.  Erik is honest, wise, completely free from judgment and one of the most skilled listeners I've ever met. At each appointment, he empowered me to make very difficult decisions to change my life. After two months, I'm proud to say that I've stopped using drugs, I'm less stressed and I'm seeing positive growth in my confidence levels and sense of personal boundaries. I can't imagine progressing through my recovery process without Erik's phenomenal guidance and caring." -JM

Anxiety, Depression

"Erik has helped me to maintain a sense of balance and health since I have decided to stop taking antidepressants.  I have found that acupuncture relieves my symptoms of anxiety and depression without the side effects that I experienced with the medication.  Erik has always been professional, educational, and thoughtful in the care I have received from him." -FB


I highly recommend Johanna Anderson for acupuncture. She is very knowledgeable and an amazing listener. I look forward to every appointment because it makes such a difference for me. I struggle with PMS and Johanna really helps alleviate all of my symptoms. She is really talented and helpful and I am so fortunate that I found her! -KM

Allergies, Pain, Menopause

When I first started seeing Johanna more than a year ago, I was mess. Recently moved, I was suffering allergies and anxiety that made working difficult and sleeping rare. She has changed my life. During regular visits now, Johanna listens carefully to my areas of need – fewer and fewer – and designs a treatment specifically for me. I sleep better, sneeze less and my menopausal symptoms are barely noticeable. When a pain in my knee got in the way of exercise, she took care of that, too. Johanna is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. -EA

Sports Injury

"Stacy and Erik are amazingly knowledgeable and professional.   I have had an ongoing sports injury that had not been remedied by other medical approaches. The therapy received at Points of Health has put me on the path to recovery with just a few visits.   It is difficult to express the depth of my gratitude for their care." -AO


"As an RN with 25 years of working in critical care medicine, I had no previous experience with acupuncture.  A dear and trusted friend highly recommended Erik.  After a few sessions my sciatica symptoms were nearly gone.  I felt my whole body healing and an increase in my sense of well being.  Each visit was relaxing and informative.  Erik provided strengthening and preventitive exercises for my condition and recommended safe herbal remedies for other health issues.  The outstanding quality of care was both professional and sincere." -AS

"I suffered from debilitating sciatica for over two months. I could not sleep in my bed, sit down at the dinner table or ride comfortably in a car. I had seen an orthopedic physician, but did not receive any relief. With my first acupuncture treatment, I noticed a decrease in the severity of my pain. With a few follow up treatments I was completely pain free. Now, at the first sign of back pain I seek acupuncture treatment and it progresses no further. I am so thankful to Erik for being there in my times of need" -LS


"Since I was a child, I had been suffering from debilitating migraines. The last couple of years I had been prescribed several medications that I was only becoming resistant to, I was getting desperate for a solution. After hearing testimonials on how acupuncture can relieve my pain, I had hope for a solution. Erik has been wonderful through my healing process. I felt a difference after my first session, and now I have been headache free for over a year. I recommend acupuncture with Erik to anyone who wants relief from any kind of pain." -DL

"I had a severe migraine of 6 days when I walked in to Points of Health. I had exhausted all conventional approaches without any improvement. I walked out with almost no headache and it did not come back." -LM

Acute Phase of Chronic Illness

The knowledge and care Erik Smith has bestowed on me has changed, if not saved my life. I was unexpectedly diagnosed with an acute phase of a chronic illness. I was extremely ill, in pain, frightened, and angry.  I was not getting many answers from traditional medicine and felt that they were simply treating my symptoms as best they could but were not addressing the core of my illness. This only increased my distrust and fear. I seemed to be on the last legs of my life, with no where to turn. Through Erik's gentle guidance my health has improved dramatically in a short period of time. I saw immediate results in the alleviation of symptoms through Erik's recommended changes to my diet and the introduction of  quality food supplements. I have also begun the practice of Qi Gong with Erik. I cannot speak highly enough about what Qi Gong has done for me, helping me to address not only my physical challenges, but my spiritual challenges as well. Qi Gong has now become a part of my daily life thanks to Erik. Through Erik's non-judgmental, unfailing, and experienced guidance I can proudly say I am on the path to spiritual and physical wellness. I count Erik a one of the top 10 most important people I have met in my lifetime. He is respectful of me as a whole being, both in recognizing my strengths and also in giving me strength for my weaknesses. He was able to assess my challenges quickly, and with this expertise bring hope back to my life. His love and passion for helping others truly shines through in everything he does, and it is a gift he shares with others. -PR

Insomnia, Muscle Cramps

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! My sleep has improved. My muscle cramps are gone. I feel emotionally brighter and relaxed. Thank you so much for your amazing work!"-RM


"My son really enjoys seeing you. The ideas definitely resonate with him and he feels his skin has improved dramatically with your herbal treatments. Thank you for your good care!" -JR

Arthritis, Stress, Detox

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments with Erik weekly for over three months. I am not only feeling the benefits for arthritis in my hip and shoulder, but the stress relieving effects of the treatments are helping me deal with the everyday anxiety from owning my own business. Erik has also provided me with sound recommendations on nutrition and supplementation, including a spring detoxification program. I consider Erik to be completely knowledgeable and professional in both acupuncture and nutrition and recommend him highly." -JH

Immune Weakness

"I came to Points of Health after catching five colds in a single year. I was frustrated and looking for some answers. With the help of acupuncture, herbs and nutrition, I have not caught a single cold since and it has been almost two years! "-FR


"After acupuncture, I didn't have any pain in my body. I was stoked!" -SE (77 years old)

I've been a patient of Erik's and now am healed (!!!!). Hooray I can walk and sit down. - CS

Hypertension, Stress

"Stacy has greatly supported a change for the better!   I was stressed out, struggling with hypertension and felt completely out of balance.   I was not "sick"; I just knew I could feel much better. I find acupuncture a valuable aid in healing, relaxation and overall well-being.   I view acupuncture as something I cannot explain and yet I've had some amazing results, which leads me to conclude- if it works, just go with it and don't get to caught up in the how and why." -MC


"My husband and I have done two 14 day cleanses led by Erik & Stacy. They are supportive and encouraging in helping us maintain the best health possible. We feel they are not only on our team from a health standpoint, but also within our close- knit community as supportive friends and caregivers."-DC


"Erik Smith is one of the most gifted health practitioners in Santa Barbara, let alone the US. He is an expert in his field, so dedicated to his profession and to his clients. He is one of the top two health professionals I trust 100%. His knowledge of Eastern medicine and Western practices are such a brilliant yin/yang. I can't count how many people I have referred to Erik Smith and Points of Health. Erik is not just my trusted health advisor and acupuncturist, but over the years I have known him, has also become a dear friend. I trust this man to put needles in me - how much more can I say!? :) Health is wealth - invest in Erik Smith or his team at Points of Health." -LTR

“I discovered the wonders of acupuncture about 3 years ago when I first tired acupuncture with Johanna. No matter what the presenting problem may be, I am always incredibly improved after my session with her. I have used acupuncture for a huge array of problems from joint pain to skin rash to anxiety. I always experience tremendous improvement no matter the problem I feel so relaxed and peaceful at the end of a session that I do not want to leave! Points of Health is a beautiful center, and all the practitioners are so gentle, caring incredibly knowledgeable and professional. I recommend them to everyone I know for all kinds of ailments." -JS

Points of Health

"The Points of Health clinic is so beautiful!   I feel so good when I come here. I would like to come by some days and just hang out."-RM

"Every once in a while you meet people that exemplify all that is possible in a highly skilled, awake, caring and learned professional. The folks at Points of Health are those people and those of us with the fortune to seek their assistance are significantly rewarded." -RR