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Children are not young adults; their bodies are immature and undergoing a constant growth process. Their physiology and meridian system, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is in a process of becoming stable and strong. Children’s meridians are very responsive to a medical massage technique called Pediatric Tuina (pronounced “twee-nah”).

Tuina involves a kneading of acupuncture points and a stroking of meridians in fast repetitious motions. The process balances a child's energy or Qi, helping their body to return to health. There are no needles used in Tuina and no side effects. Pediatric Tuina can effectively treat many ailments and is an enjoyable experience for your child.

The number of sessions needed is unique to each child. Monthly half hour “tune-up” massages are a great way to practice prevention by promoting balance in your child. Common ailments that can be effectively treated with Pediatric Tuina include:

Digestive Challenges
Chronic Respiratory Challenges
Common Colds
Slow Growth and Development
Ear Infections
Bed Wetting
Sleep problems
And much more…

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