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Acupuncture ::facial rejuvenation •   injury & surgery recovery   •   fertility

Acupuncture originated in China over 4000 years ago. This ancient healing technique is quickly gaining popularity in the United States as more Americans are discovering its effectiveness for the natural treatment of their medical concerns.

Acupuncture therapy involves the insertion of extremely thin, sterile needles into specific points on the body to produce powerful therapeutic effects. Stimulation of acupuncture points promotes the harmonious flow of qi, or energy, throughout the body. Regulation of qi initiates a complex cascade of subtle but powerful neural, vascular, endocrine, lymphatic, and immunological responses that together result in:

• Pain reduction
• Muscle relaxation
• Normalization of organ activity
• Hormone regulation
• Reduction of inflammation and swelling
• Tissue and wound healing
• Enhanced immune response
• Restoration of blood flow to limbs and organs
• Increased joint range-of-motion
• Digestive regulation
• Stress reduction & mood enhancement

The net effect of these processes restores both local and systemic "homeostasis:" the body's optimal state of dynamic, balanced function.

On a psychological level, acupuncture provides a deep sense of calm, a sharpened awareness, and a rejuvenation of spirit.

At Points of Health, we use the best of Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Five Element Acupuncture styles. We only use disposable needles, resulting in no risk of contamination. We are keenly aware that a fear of needles prevents many people from seeking our care. We use the thinnest needles available to ensure comfort and dispel the misconception that acupuncture is painful.

"According to the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, MD’s are more likely to refer for acupuncture than for any other complimentary medicine modality"